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Several years ago we purchased a wonderful picture for a couple’s wedding shower. As soon as I saw this picture, I longed to have it to hang in our bedroom. My mom surprised me for Christmas that year with the picture. From that moment until this past weekend, I had this idea in my mind that I just couldn’t figure out how to do economically and yet in a way that I really liked.

I researched using canvas, spray painting frames, using metal and wood. I looked all over the internet and pinterest. Finally, I decided to use the different ideas I saw and come up with my own ‘plan’.

Here is a picture of what the final product looks like:


I first chose several pictures, then opted to print them in sepia. We purchased a pine board that was 1×8 inches. We could have purchased a 1×6, but I just didn’t know what size I needed until we got it home and looked it over. This board  cost about $5. My husband, Freddo, cut the boards 4×6 for me. I sanded each piece. I desired to that the edges a bit rounded and smooth, so I used his Ryobi hand sander to do this. He cut as many pieces as one board would allow. It sure didn’t take very long to sand each one.  In this picture the board on the left has not been sanded, the one on the right, obviously has. 20130119_124806

I wiped each board down to get the sawdust off, then took them inside to paint them. I was looking for a deep wine color, but I only had brown, black, white and a cherry color acrlic paints. I know nothing about mixing colors, but by God’s grace, I created exactly the color I was looking for.


I didn’t paint the whole board, only did the sides and a part of the front that would show once I trimmed the pictures and put them on the board.

Using modge podge and a sponge brush, I covered the top of the board with a layer so that I could attach the picture. By the time I got the last picture attached to its board the first one was dry enough to put the first layer of top coat over the sides and top to preserve the picture. After the first layer dried, I did do another layer of modge podge to make it a bit shinier.

Next we cut ribbons and used a staple gun to attach them to each board so we could hang them.


There were so many pictures that it was a bit overwhelming when we went to hang them all. In hind sight, I would like to move the “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” picture down and place the pictures around the pictures. It would also have helped if we took more pictures vertically.


But all in all, it was fun talking to each other about the stories behind each picture before we turned the light of last night and kissed each other good night…always.



My week of {Joy Dare} gifts from God:

1-14 3 startling graces of God:

#85 a small job to bring in some money

#86 my thoughtful husband writing me a note and making us dinner

#87 the tape roller that went flying out of my hand unintentionally right at Freddo’s head, but missing…and the loud laughter that broke out immediately between the two of us

#88 kind encouragement from a friend

#89 time with him…priceless

1-15 a gift worn, given away and shared:

#90 worn: “College of Ozarks Mom: sweatshirt

#91 given away: chocolate peanut butter banana shake

#92 shared: prayer request

#93 hugs that ease stress

#94 finally finishing the count of my gifts found that helped me find joy and live in the moments of 2012 despite the good and bad that came…a total count of 3610 Gifts. 3610 Blessings. 3610 Joy. 3610 offerings of Grace.

1-16 3 witnessed blessings:

#95 lunch with Freddo’s dad

#96 3 different paychecks coming in one day

#97 spending about 3 hours visiting with a young lady that is a blessing, so full of desire to be a great wife, great way to spend an afternoon!!

1-17 a gift bringing laughter, prayer and quiet:

#98 bringing laughter: a video of some guy that obviously had too much to drink and some silly tv reporter recorded the interview anyway

#99 bringing prayer: the President of the United States issuing Executive Orders yesterday in regards to guns, reflecting today on the meaning of it all,

#100 bringing quiet: cooking one of Dad’s best meals (Beef Stroganoff) at my parent’s home this morning while Mom was getting ready for an appointment

#101 getting grocery list almost complete

1-18 3 gifts from God’s Word:

#102 “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine…Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.” Isaiah 43:1, 4 ESV

#103 “…always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…” Ephesians 5:20 NASB

#104  “…This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.” John 6:29 NASB

#105 groceries purchased

#106 Freddo getting glasses so he can clearly all the time

#107 a friend’s husband getting two job offers, God showing them which to choose, despite any confusion that came as it all played out

1-19 3 gifts that might never had been:

#108 having 18 friends at our home this evening, food and laughs galore, had God not helped me to be grateful for our home, no matter how small it is.

#109 pictures of Freddo and I hanging the wall in our bedroom, had I not been willing to begin a project I was completely unsure of.

#110 a great friendship with a sweet friend, had neither of us been unwilling to open ourselves up despite our past pain.

#111 a husband that helps and helps, just to make me smile

1-20  3 gifts only seen up close:

#112 that not everyone’s life is as perfect as it appears from afar

#113 the joy that comes to a heart when a small child snuggles up and falls asleep in your arms

#114 raw beauty when a group of people open up a bit, reveal hurts and become real with each other, taking off our masks within a community of believers, truly beautiful because this is where true healing is found

#115 wonderful lunch with friends

#116 realizing that I am a selfish person that desires to please people instead of God to change my heart

#117 hearing a sermon on overcoming anxiety, painfully convicting, especially when the pastor said, “You must recognize that anxiety is a faith battle”. I knew this, but it was eye widening when I heard him say it.

#118 that my husband is a police officer, a great one, and that I don’t have anything to fear when something strange lurks, I have confidence that he will do all he can to protect me.

#119 “love is always ready to endure whatever comes” quote from “Walk to Remember”.

#120 Discontentment begins with my unwillingness to be thankful to God for whatever He chooses to give. (A gift I learned this week)


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For years I have been seeking joy, real joy, the kind that is a lifestyle,  so I can can smile and be content no matter what is going on around me. Not the happiness feeling that arises strong from good, fun and exciting moments, but then in the next breath rejects anything that might disrupt that good feeling of the flesh being momentarily satisfied.

No, I am referring to joy, that way of life that comes from the heart of God, the kind of life that can smile even in the midst of the worse storm ever imagined, not because joy is happy, but because it is elusive outside of complete trust in a sovereign God that always has my good and His glory at heart.

Joy comes and stays because it knows that all God does is good, even if it has to wait until this life is over to understand the how and whys of it all, yes, even then it continues to trust in Him.

Trusting not because it is easy, or because it is enjoyable, but because it is aware that sometimes God has to allow tough, painful things in life so that we seek Him.

I do not know if there are other ways to attain joy, but one way that Ann Voskamp has taught me to find joy is to count gifts in the day. Gifts. Things that God allows in each day, big and small, good and bad, thanking Him for each one.

This counting changes my focus from my circumstance to my Savior. It encourages me to hope in Him alone, and all of the sudden even when life is hard, joy comes, mixing with the pain, or the sorrow of life…ushering in His peace. So I go on counting every day and thanking Him all the while…

~finding other Lewy Body Dementia blogs, reading them, feeling God to begin to give me the courage to start writing about Dad’s journey with this horrific disease, praying that in time God will use me to offer others on this same journey some encouragement. Learn about Lewy Body Dementia by clicking here.

~the sun warming up the day nicely

~spending a bit of time talking with a friend

~smell of BBQ

~God giving me strength to not allow that temptation to take root in my heart and bloom into sin, grace, His grace alone

~Freddo getting home in time for us to get the bedroom walls almost finished

~paint and paint brushes, trim almost complete, then we will be on to the next project…one day at a time…

~Freddo being able to fix our tire, love being married to a handy man

~Momma bringing us supper and spending some time with us

~beautiful Mum she brought for our front porch…picture tomorrow, as the sun set before I could get a shot of it

{Joy Dare} 3 gifts unconventional:

~husband and wife working together through whatever comes into their marriage, not just every now and then, but every time the road gets tough

~pouring soapy water on a tire to find the hole

~painting trim in my good clothes, not getting anything on me was a blessing

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In 2006 our family moved into our home, which was built in 1940. There are parts of it that we remodeled when we first moved in, but as of yet, we still have projects left that we would like to complete. These pictures show a shelf that is built into a wall in the dining room. I have never really cared much for this the shelf. Then a few months ago I located an idea on Pinterest that displayed a way to spruce up a plain shelf with brightly colored fabric.

I wasn’t impressed by the idea of fabric, so I decided to use scrapbook paper instead.  My Mom and I found scrapbook paper that has crosses and some of the names of God on it, which were in a good color for this project. Mom also found some baskets to fit on the shelves to organize things nicely on the shelf. This will be a great help, as this shelf often caught all the items that I really didn’t know what to do with, now each basket holds like items, so we will quickly be able to find things.

After years of home educating our boys, this organizing comes as a great relief to me. I truly wish I had been able to organize our home better when the boys were growing up, but teaching them and studying was my first priority, so I put our home organizing on the back burner during those years.

After cutting the papers to fit, I attached each piece with double sided tape.

I decided to alternate the paper patterns on different shelves.

The shelf itself is still old looking, but the colored background now draws attention to itself, instead of the worn spots. I like the lighting that I have placed there, as it gives it a very warm feel. All the things that I have placed on the shelves (besides the new baskets) are things I just found around the house. I even found a wooden frame for my grandmother’s black and white photograph, which fits nicely. Also on the shelf I have incorporated a mason jar, which is one of the many bottles/jars that my Dad had collected over the years. This jar holds our 2012 memories. So not only is it a special jar, but it holds special memories, that we will read on New Year’s Eve this year. The “JOY” plates are a gift from my friend, she gave them to me because of my endeavor to daily find joy in our everyday life. I was challenged to “count gifts” within each day when I read the book “One Thousand Gifts” in January of this year, but that’s a story for a different post. 🙂

The room that this shelf is in is our “Christmas/winter” room, where we eat dinner and our wood stove is located. The look of this shelf adds to the “warm, comfortable” feel I am going for in our home. I have many more plans to rework things in this room and several other rooms and hope to be posting more cost-effective simple changes soon.

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