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Last weekend Freddo and I had the best roasted chicken.

My Aunt Julie made it for us during our visit to their home. She used a vertical roaster, to cook the chicken. We were both amazed at the moistness of the chicken, even the white meat. We were excited to buy ones just like hers when we got home.

Imagine my disappointment when we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and they only carried “The Beer Can Chicken Roaster”.

Seriously? We are good Southern Baptist people…we don’t drink!! What choice did I have? There were two chickens thawed and ready to be baked at home, so we chose to buy them. They were only $5.99 each, I didn’t think that was too bad!

After arriving at home I began researching the kind of vertical roaster we had just purchased. So the next day Freddo headed to the store to get two cans of…soda. From what I read I did not need to soak the chicken in brine water since I would be putting water in the cans, the water would infusive the chickens from the inside.


I rinsed them, patted them dry, then sprinkled the inside of the bird with lemon pepper.  I separated the skin from the breast and stuffed minced garlic in there. With the cans about half full of water, I placed the birds over the rack with the legs down, as shown in the picture.


The chicken cooked at 350 degrees for 1 & ½ hour. When the timer when off, I sat the chickens on the stovetop and set the timer for 20 minutes. One important detail I’ve learned recently is that after cooking meat, it is important to let the meat rest when it first comes out of the oven to help the meat maintain moisture.

Since I was cooking two chickens, I should have cooked it for another 30 minutes or so. They were done, but I would have liked them to be cooked a bit more.




Another thing I would have done was put more spices, salt and pepper on the chicken. It just didn’t have the wonderful flavor I was looking forward to. One thing I read about was to put Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon juice in the water that I put in the cans.

I must say that they were very moist, that part was not at all disappointing. I am so grateful that my aunt shared several cooking tips with me. We had such a fun time with them; it was so relaxing. God has given them the gift of hospitality.

On Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, we visited with some friends of ours that also live in Springfield.

We had a blast playing games and visiting. We laughed a lot. They may no longer be our friends after I post these pictures. It was so fun playing Head Bandz that I had to post these silly pictures. After the kids went to bed, the adults played Wits and Wagers. It is also a fun game.

headbandz pic

It was so fun and comforting being with my sweet friend, Traci that I hated leaving on Sunday. We were blessed to be able to worship with them at their church.


me and my sweet friend!

Traci, Sheila and Selah

It is such a wonderful thing to have family and friends that we don’t talk with regularly, but can spend a weekend with and it seems as though we have not been apart.

Freddo and I are so grateful for how God has blessed us.

I decided this year to try to post my Joy Dares once a week. Below you will find my list of gifts that God has blessed me with in the first week of 2013.

Joy Dare 2013

1-1  3 gifts heard:

#1 Mom telling me about doors God is opening for her

#2 Blane telling me his grades for his first semester of college (A, B-, B, C, C)

#3 my aunt calling to give me a recipe and the encouraging conversation that followed


#4 Freddo reminding me of his love

#5 college son’s voice in our house just before bed, he’s home again!

#6 fire crackling hot in the woodstove on a cold night

#7 a friend of Freddo’s helping us out with a situation that was totally the fault of one we love. God allowing him to take full responsibility with consequences to follow, but not anything that will harm his LE career.

1-2  a gift outside, inside and on a plate:

#8  outside: fire in the fire pit at Stephen’s Lake we warmed ourselves by while others were sledding

#9 inside: ebooks on my tablet, being able to do my Bible study on it each morning

#10 on a plate: pretzel snaps and peanut butter snack, makes me smile cause it reminds me of how Mom used to make these little sandwiches for Dad all the time

1-3  3 graces observed:

#11 our younger son deactivating his FB account to help himself be more accountable with his time

#12 Mom taking time to encourage a sweet family whose husband has suffered a stroke, it is wonderful to see her ministering to them

#13 Freddo watching the new Bible study DVD with me. Remarking that he would like to read the “One Thousand Gifts” book himself. Love this!


#14 blane’s help getting house clean

#15 the peace and easy breathing that comes when our home is clean

#16 daily planner that is going to help so much

#17 friends reaching out

#18 seeing a friend finding joy amidst a difficulty in her life


1-4  a gift old, new and blue:

#19 old: the love between Freddo and I, it is 25 years old, and yet it seems new. We both still get butterflies at times when we catch the sight of each other.

#20 new: low sugar, high fiber ice cream bars dipped in chocolate made with probiotics

#21 blue: my new One Thousand Gifts journal from a Christian bookstore in town. The front says “Joy for Today”, it seems very fitting.


#22 snow glittering shiny in the head lights this morning before dawn

#23 finding shampoo and gel for a friend’s son

#24 spending some time today with my man

#25 Rueben casserole, quick and easy fix for dinner and it’s delicious

#26 conversation with a new wife, so eager to be a blessing to her husband

#27 not having to spend much money on groceries this pay period


1-5 a gift you are reading, making, seeing:

#28 reading: “The ‘Do What You Can’ Plan” by Holley Gerth,  “Anoymous” by Alicia Britt Chole

#29 making: vertical roasted chicken

#30 seeing: snowflakes falling softly to the earth with no ill affects


#31 taking a shower this morning, getting clean pajamas on, fixing my hair and getting to stay home all day to play

#32 Freddo getting the berry pomegranate crystal light made


1-6 one gift in your bag, your fridge, your heart:

#33 bag: lip gloss

#34 fridge: cookies to make for church

#35 heart: renewed and vibrant love for my Lord that was once slipping from my grasp

#36 singing “Oh, I’m running to Your arms,
                           I’m running to Your arms
                           The riches of Your love
                           Will always be enough
                           Nothing compares to Your embrace
                           Light of the world forever reign”    with my arms high and heart abandoned this morning in worship

#37 having hands that are able to serve God

#38 upfront discussion with a friend that brought relief and tears

#39 being able to set a bit of money back

#40 planned Sunday School social at our house Saturday night, looking forward to having our home full of friends and laughter

#41 having a husband and two boys that love deeply and strong, and are able to shed tears when their hearts are hurting


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