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In 2006 our family moved into our home, which was built in 1940. There are parts of it that we remodeled when we first moved in, but as of yet, we still have projects left that we would like to complete. These pictures show a shelf that is built into a wall in the dining room. I have never really cared much for this the shelf. Then a few months ago I located an idea on Pinterest that displayed a way to spruce up a plain shelf with brightly colored fabric.

I wasn’t impressed by the idea of fabric, so I decided to use scrapbook paper instead.  My Mom and I found scrapbook paper that has crosses and some of the names of God on it, which were in a good color for this project. Mom also found some baskets to fit on the shelves to organize things nicely on the shelf. This will be a great help, as this shelf often caught all the items that I really didn’t know what to do with, now each basket holds like items, so we will quickly be able to find things.

After years of home educating our boys, this organizing comes as a great relief to me. I truly wish I had been able to organize our home better when the boys were growing up, but teaching them and studying was my first priority, so I put our home organizing on the back burner during those years.

After cutting the papers to fit, I attached each piece with double sided tape.

I decided to alternate the paper patterns on different shelves.

The shelf itself is still old looking, but the colored background now draws attention to itself, instead of the worn spots. I like the lighting that I have placed there, as it gives it a very warm feel. All the things that I have placed on the shelves (besides the new baskets) are things I just found around the house. I even found a wooden frame for my grandmother’s black and white photograph, which fits nicely. Also on the shelf I have incorporated a mason jar, which is one of the many bottles/jars that my Dad had collected over the years. This jar holds our 2012 memories. So not only is it a special jar, but it holds special memories, that we will read on New Year’s Eve this year. The “JOY” plates are a gift from my friend, she gave them to me because of my endeavor to daily find joy in our everyday life. I was challenged to “count gifts” within each day when I read the book “One Thousand Gifts” in January of this year, but that’s a story for a different post. 🙂

The room that this shelf is in is our “Christmas/winter” room, where we eat dinner and our wood stove is located. The look of this shelf adds to the “warm, comfortable” feel I am going for in our home. I have many more plans to rework things in this room and several other rooms and hope to be posting more cost-effective simple changes soon.


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